Bee Bee Guns

Top 5 BeeBee Guns

While many of these Bee Bee guns are suitable for kids, they are also good for everyday plinking fun for the everyday sportsman.  BB guns are cheap, less powerful alternatives too Pellet guns.  Many BB guns can also shoot pellets, some of which will be listed below!  I created this list to provide an unbias comparison.  As I am not affiliated with any company, I am not motivated to push any particular bb gun.


Daisy bee bee gun
Daisy Red Ryder

Everything about the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun says vintage rifle, just as the Daisy Brand name implies.  This same style rifle has been made for many decades, with no sign of stopping.  A true testimate to the rifles simplistic and effective design.






A BB gun with a moddern twist, the Crosman m417 shoots both BB’s and Pellets. BB’s are loaded into the magazine, and are autoloaded into the chamber for rapid and accurate firing.  Tactical accessories are available for this BB/pellet gun to make this gun look and function even better. Adding a red dot scope seems to be one of the more popular additions to the m417.





Crosman Recruit .177
Crosman Recruit .177

The Crosman Recruit good basic BB pellet shooter that already comes with a scope.  Simple and effective, need not say more.



Daisy 880 bee bee gun
Daisy 880 Powerline kit

The Daisy 880 powerline kit  is a all in one back with safety glasses, pellets, and a scope. Everything you or than youngin’ in your life needs to get started.






Crosman 760 Pump Master
Crosman 760 Pump Master

Similar to the Crosman Recruit, The 760 Pump Master features good ol’ fashion iron sights for a reliable and fun shooting experience.  Although the latest generation are plastic, do not discount the durability of modern day synthetics!