Benjamin Genesis Legacy NP .22 Review

Benjamin Genesis NP .22 Review

Let me start off by clearing up a little confusion, this is basically the same air rifle as the Benjamin Legacy Jim Shockey Series, except that the scope with the legacy air rifle is much better.  It looks like it may be replacing the genesis altogether.

With the user in mind, the new Benjamin Genesis highlights a fantastic new ergonomic (and ambidextrous) style stock.  I don’t think you’ve ever held a rifle that felt so natural.  It makes you truly feel one with your air rifle, whether standing, crouching, or prone.

With its new comfortable cheek pad, you wont have that uncomfortable jolt irradiating throughout your jaw.  Even without the recoil pad, Crosman’s unique NP (Nitro piston) technology provides a smooth-as-butter cocking experience. Likewise, firing the Benjamin Genesis supplies a surprisingly mild recoil jolt, traditionally notorious with air rifles.  A real game changer in the world of nitro pistol air rifles, this rifle is very, very quiet.  The Legacy is available in .177 and .22, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

areviewmoreThis Benjamin Genesis features a powerful 21 FPE (foot pounds of energy), making the Benjamin Genesis air rifle is an effective air rifle for small game hunting and target shooting.  With integrated sling mounts, this air rifle is ready for you to take into the woods on your next hunt or adventure.  These days, air rifles are advancing quickly from the olden days of spring rifles, don’t be left behind!Benjamin Genesis NP .22 Review image

Here are some other exciting features.

  • Integrated barrel sound suppression system, making the Benjamin Genesis NP quieter than the Benjamin Trail NP.
  • CenterPoint 3-9x32mm scope with range-estimating reticle.  A good quality scope you won’t have to upgrade from.
  • Adjustable, two-stage trigger
  • Rifled steel barrel