Crosman 760 Pumpmaster .177 Review


Crosman 760 Pumpmaster .177 Caliber BB

  • This Crosman air rifle kit includes 100 Premium bb’s, 100 pellets, shooting glasses, paper targets, and a scope
  • Upto 600 FPS with Pellets; 625 with BB’s
  • 5-shot manual pellet clip included
  • BB reservoir holds upto 200 bb’s
  • 4x15mm rifle scope included


This Crosman air rifle is known for its short-stroke, and high-compression pump action. The Pumpmaster 760 offers shooters of all dimensions and skill levels quick and easy firing. The 760’s reservoir holds upto 200 BB’s. For pellet usage, a 5-shot journal is featured. The maximum velocity falls to 625 fps with BB’s and 600 fps with pellets.



This Crosman air rifle shoots BB’s and pellets. It makes use of a 5 pellet clip, you place the pellets in to it, stick it in the air rifle and simple pump. You could also purchase additional magazines, pack them all up and fire with a bunch of pellets before having to open up the pellet container over and over.

Generally, for $40 this little crosman air rifle is a fun teaching tool and even more fun to shoot. It is perfect for plinking cans and jars in the backyard and for wandering out with BB’s and wandering the woods. I wont lie, you might get the impression that it is plastic junk of the box. While I admit, I would certainly like the old metal building of the receiver, I can inform you that I have actually placed a ton of BB’s and a handful of pellets with this point and it has operated perfectly without any splitting, releasing of everything or indications of tension anywhere (and I have actually done a lot of 8 to 10 pump shooting). It most definitely has the power for small pest elimination (rats, mice) and as long as you can get within 10 yards it has the reliability.  If you are looking for pest control, this if fine. But for hunting this is not the right tool for the task.  You’ll want a pellet gun for that.  If you can not drop the animal down quickly (preferably instantly) you probably shouldn’t be shooting it.  if you wish to introduce shooting to kids or re-live warm childhood memories you can’t go wrong with this air rifle.