Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle .177 Review


Gamo Silent Cat powerful Air Rifle .177The GAMO Silent Cat Air Rifle comes with a 4X32 Scope, Mounts, and PBA Ammunition. The Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle  will change the way you think about target shooting and hunting with air rifles. This is a high-powered air rifle intended for the serious shooter.  This is definitely not a kids toy! I intend this review of the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle to be a guide and to help those on the fence about this air rifle.


What makes the Gamo Silent Cat different?

The Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle .177 is perfect for small game hunting and target practice. The non-removable sound suppressor reduces noise by up to 52%, so you don’t have to worry about scaring away your hunt, or getting the cops called on by your neighbors.  How does the Gamo Silent cats silencer work?  First, I suppose the proper word would be suppress, because it isn’t exactly “silent”. Second, it works by releasing the high compressed air in slow increments, instead of one big blast at the end.  Of course, when you have a pellet breaking the sound barrier, you can only get so quiet.

A21-GA72154If you’ve read my homepage about how to choose an air rifle, you’ll see me mention break barrel spring piston air rifles. Well, this is a perfect example of a break barrel air rifle.  Right where you see valley part of the iron sights, the rifle hinges at this point to allow cocking with maximum leverage.  Anyone new to break barrel air rifles will be surprised how much power can be packed into a single cocking motion.  For the kids, this might be a little difficult to cock, but no problem for any adult. Expect a cocking force of around ~30 pounds.

As you’d expect from a high quality gamo air rifle, the barrel is fluted, which is perfect for keeping the barrel light weight, and improving handling balance.  For conventional firearms, fluted barrels also serve the purpose of keeping the gun cool from constant firing.

The Sights are fiber optic, perfect for quick target acquisition and low light condition.  Or as purchased from Amazon, included is a Skeleton Stock & 4×32 scope.  For the distance that this air rifle is capable of, I definitely recommend a scope.  If you plan to use this air rifle for serious shooting for the long haul, I would recommend upgrading to a better quality scope, as the included scope tends to drift after about 100 shots, and has trouble keeping zero.  For a higher quality and higher zoom (3-9x), I personally use the UTG 3-9x CQB bug buster scope, for 4 of my 9 air rifles, along with my ruger 10/22.  For the money and value, I would have to say that this  is the best scope for the Gamo Silent Cat air rifle.

 Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle silencer supressor

The  Gamo Silent Cat’s .177 caliber pellet leaves the barrel at an astonishing velocity of 1,200 feet per second with PBA ammunition or 1,000 feet per second with 0.177 caliber lead pellets.  The Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is made from extremely strong all weather black synthetic stock, you can take this tough air rifle out in any kind of weather and not have to worry. Of course when traveling, it helps to have a hard protective case.  It also has a ventilated rubber pad for recoil absorption, which you will learn to treasure on a high power air rifle such as the Gamo Silent Cat.  Air rifle recoil is a big more jerky than conventional firearms. It features a manual trigger safety and automatic cocking safety system and has a base for mounting the 4×32 rifle scope.


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Customer Reviews:

5starsBy T. Hanson

I have actually shot a couple thousand rounds with the Silent Cat. Accuracy is AMAZING, basically exact same opening groups at 30yds. With the muzzle velocity timepiece at 1030 +/- 10fps, it is as loud as a typical “10 pump” pellet gun which has a speed around 650fps. Essentially, seems like a pellet weapon!

The suppressor does NOT silent down the go when making use of the PBA ammunition, which offers Muzzle Velocities of 1280-1330fps, delving into supersonic. With PBA ammunition, a sound like a smell firecracker going off is heard as a result of the “mini sonic boom” of the shell. The suppressor DOES protect the muzzle, which is a sufficient need to obtain this design. The last 1mm of barrel impacts reliability greater than the rest of the length, which is likewise real in the firearm globe! The muzzle crown (where the pellet exits), should be reduced flawlessly at 90 diplomas without nicks or dings so the air pressing the pellet exits consistently.

I have a Gamo Big Cat, and an RWS, the Huge Cat is.177, and it is quite a bit louder than the Silent Cat, about 50-80 fps slower from the muzzle (might simply be the weapon, not sure without additional tests). The Large Cat is visibly louder than the Silent Cat when it concerns game downrange. The RWS has to do with the very same volume as the quiet Cat, but it is pushing a. 22 cal pellet considering 3x as considerably at just 800fps.

The bundled scope is strong, great eye comfort, the only small problem is in bright light, the VERY brilliant fiber dots on the iron attractions “wash” in to the scope a little.

The BIGGEST feature of this rifle, the reason I purchased it, is the skeletal system stock. It permits the very same hold as a thumb-hole stock on a 10/22, or the hold on an AR rifle or many handguns. This convenience function alone has improved precision and quicker muzzle on target.


1) Length of 2 phase trigger is flexible, yet the weight isn’t. I wish it was the other way around.
2) NOT connected to the air rifle, yet to Gamo Pellets. They set you back the like exceptional pellets, yet have the reliability of preferred “$5 for FIVE HUNDRED â�³ pellets. If a rifle does not appear to be exact, try shooting Polymag or comparable True Match pellets! For every day plinking, making use of any sort of 8 grain pellet will certainly strike near the point of purpose, and for a great deal less costly!

** When it come to precision, If you MUST have very first go hits, splurge and obtain machined pellets. I love Polymag Predator Pellets, they arrange “exact same opening” for me at 20yds. The Gamo “red suggestion” pellets, which LOOK VERY simliar to the polymag, but have casting marks and extrusions down the skirt, tend group at concerning 1/2 â�³ at the exact same proximity the fee pellets go just about in the same gap. Speed for both is close, with the polymag being a little bit much faster and more secure.

General– You will certainly Not Be sorry for obtaining one of these, whether for pastime target or scouting little computer game out to FIFTY yards!